How to have "Select All" options in choice component

@Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh

I am having a choice component having more than 45 options. I want to given an option for them to click a button, and it selects all options in Choice component.

This choice component is writing to Linked column (relation column) of Airtable. When I try to use “Set Column Value”, it does not show this Linked column in the option. Is there any other way to it?

I’m not sure about the AirTable link column part, so I can’t speak to that.

But disregarding that, the way I would do this is to create a joined list column that targets the source of the choice component, and then use a set column values action to write that to the choice destination column when the button is clicked.


Thanks @Darren_Murphy
The only issue is the destination column is a relation column in airtable which is not visible while set column value. I feel this may the limitation because its based on airtable. Can someone from Glide confirm this? and possible way around? @david