"Select All" in Choice component


In my app I have a choice component with “select multiple” checked. I would like to have the option to select all the choices. How can I accomplish this?

thank you.

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There is no native “Select All” option, but you could roll your own. Something like the following:

  • Create a Joined List column that targets the source of your Choice Component
  • Add a button (Tiles style would probably work well), and configure it with an Action that uses a Set Column Values to write the result of the Joined List into the target of the Choice Component
  • You could add a secondary button for “Select None” that clears the value

hmm, just thinking about this a bit more, I should note that the above would not work if your choice component is inside a native form. In such a case, I don’t think there would be any workaround available (at least I can’t think of one off the top of my head).

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Thanks once again Darren!

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