How to restrict choice field, to only 1 selection


I’m looking for a solution, to restrict multiple selections on choice-field.

Can anyone help me out?
Please check attached:

Uncheck the option to allow selecting multiple.

Hey @Darren_Murphy

Thanks for fast reply!

Unfortunately I don’t see this option :frowning:

I’m not sure, but I think that might be because you’re writing through a relation column.

Is the target column in the same table, or some other table?
If it’s in the same table, try writing directly to the column, rather than through the relation.

It is the same table, but I use Airtable as my database.

In Airtable the column is linked to a another database, which holds all the values I put into the column stated above.

I hope it make sense.

I’m not fully familiar with how AirTable works with Glide, so I can’t say for sure what’s going on here.

Hopefully somebody that knows more about AirTable will be able to advise.


I reached out to Glide-support, and George from Glide pointed me in the right direction.

If anyone else have trouble with this, then you control this function from Airtable.
I’ve attached a screenshot of the solution, and I hope it will help others :slight_smile:

Uncheck “Allow linking to multiple records”, if you don’t want the user to link multiple choices.

Uncheck this one

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