Restrict data entered into a column

Airtable user new to Glide here.

In Airtable, I am used to single-select and multi-select dropdowns in a column to limit the data that can be added there. How is this done in Glide?

For example, I don’t want a user adding random data to a column marked ‘Industry’. They only be able to select one from a list and not manually add any text.


The choice component could do that. It allows for single or multi select.

Thanks @Eric_Penn . That’s only usable in a form, is that correct? If I have a data grid in a layout, and I let users edit the data, is there a way to restrict?

Well you could use a choice component on any screen you like. I don’t think it’s possible to restrict the data grid in that way… only edit on or off.

What’s your goal… maybe there’s a creative workaround

Thanks @Eric_Penn , let me play around with it for a bit, and I’ll come back with details if I can’t figure it out. Thanks so much for your help!

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Short answers is no, not at the moment I believe.

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Thanks for confirming :slightly_smiling_face: