Airtable Single Select - Available Options

I’m working with an Airtable base connected to Glide. On the Airtable base I have a “single select“ column with 10 options.
Let’s say I am currently using 5 different options in 5 different rows in Airtable.

When I connect it to Glide and try using a Form to add on more rows with information, I can only see the 5 options I am currently using, not the 10 options I started with.

Is there a way to have Glide display the total number of options without them being used in a base?

If this is in regards to using a choice component, you will need a table that contains each of your choices in separate rows. Then set your choice component to be sourced from that table.

Glide has no concept of a Single Select column. That’s an Airtable thing. Glide will only see the data that is in the table.

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Added a new table and linked it to my main base, now I can see all the options!



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