Select and relation columns

Hi all,

I’m new to glide and i have two questions:

  1. There is an option to create a select column in Glide’s tables?
  2. I created a relation column, but i see that i need to update each connection manually. there is an option to make it work as “link to another record” field in the Airtable works?


You have to be more precise about what you want to do… Your description is way too wild.

What do you mean by “select column”? Do you have a visual example? Do you mean like a dropdown?

What do you mean by “update each connection manually”?

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Hello @Tech . Welcome to Glide’s community forum and happy new year.

I am not an Airtable power user but I do use it on occasion: in Airtable you can limit what data can be input in a column, similar to ‘Data validation’ in Google Sheets.

In Glide it works differently. You cannot limit what data will appear in a basic column in the backend in the Data Editor (the limitation is limited to data type). You can decide, however, what a picker in the frontend will display. The dropdown or selection happens in the Layout Editor (the frontend). You would achieve this by using a Choice component.