Multiple selections for adding tasks

Hi all, maker plan here. Does anyone know if it’s possible to add multiple tasks at once (checkbox or radio buttons)?

My app is a task based app and right now users need to add 1 at a time, is there a way to select multiple tasks and add it? This would be by user (separate).


Add…as in create multiple rows…or do you mean using a choice component with multiple select enabled to get a comma delimited list of choices? With the choice component, you can use a Split Text column to create an array of choices, and then relation to link the array to your choice table.

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Add multiple rows.

Each row is its own task.

So i have 20 tasks in a dropdown. But I’d prefer to have a checklist of 20 tasks, check of 10 and then all 10 are added each with their own rows.

Hi Joe, I made a Loom video explaining how to implement Jeff Hagger’s approach to assign multiple tasks at once to a given user.

Here is the video → Multiple Task Assignment in Glide | Loom

You can make a copy of the template shown here → CheckList


Thanks, i’m looking at this now, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Mine is a bit more complicated than that. So each user is customized ot adding their own task from a pre-populated list (shows currently as a drop down)

So i have a table of all tasks, and then when a user adds a task, it shows up on the master table of user tasks (each tasks only visible to the signed in user who created/added it).

I currently have the selection writing to a relation field which then populates all the data needed.

My biggest need is how to select multiple choices the way i have it and how it then populates the rows.

When i try your method, i have to change where it’s writing to (I did, but not sure i’m doing this right), and i switch to chips layout, but the data doesn’t write or add in multiple rows or each selected task(button).

FYI - the video didnt have audio that i could hear.




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Your current method is writing to a relation column which doesn’t allow the multiple choice option. You need to write to a standard text column in order to be able to use the multiple choice option.

Did you make a copy of the template I created?
It you make a copy, you’ll see exactly how it works.

The video I recorded does have audio. I just tested it and I can hear it fine.

Thanks. I me u write to a text file, it doesn’t seem to load so not sure how to get it working to load. And only 2 rows show up and fields aren’t filled.

I did copy it but can’t get it to work even if simple.

So are you using Airtable?

Mix of google sheets and glide tables

My table is on glide currently that I need to add new rows to.

Is glide api the only way to do it?
I’m trying the way mentioned above but can’t get it to work

I was asking because I see your choice component writing to rel_TaskID. I think the option to write through a relation only works with Airtable.

What plan are you on? What you describe will be possible with Call API or scenario + HTTP batch call.

I’m on the maker plan.
I can write to the relation on glide tables but it’s only 1 at a time.

Do you mean using the choice component? I wonder how it actually works with Glide Tables.