How to set multiple choice and user display setting?


I’m customizing the Tasks & Projects management app. But I have some questions below:

  1. In the Add new project: I want to add more than one participant to the project (let say 3 participants from a list of 100 employees). But the Choice component only allows me to choose 1 participant from the user list. So how can I fix this?
  2. New Glideapps version doesn’t allow me to Make row owner for a relation column. In this case, I want to set different group users (let say people from the HR department) who can only see projects and tasks from their department (HR). So please guide me here too (I’m using free plan, no upgrade)

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  1. There is currently no option to select multiple items from a choice component. It’s been asked for several times, but we don’t have anything yet. There are a lot of ways to achieve something similar, such as multiple choice components that fill multiple columns, and a template column to join them together. Or, you could store a list of users as separate rows in another table, with relations to link everything together. Or you could create some version of the examples in the post below, that would let you select multiple items and create a joined list of the selections.
    Reset Multiple Rows At Once

  2. The post below explains why you can’t use glide columns for Row owners. Also, you mention that you are trying to use a relation to do this. A relation is a matching row or series of rows. It’s not a specific column. A lookup column would return a specific column from that relation. But even using a Lookup wouldn’t work in this case due to security reasons described below. Row Owners is more of a security feature instead of a filter feature. If you switch to a Private Pro app, then you will have access to Roles. Roles allow you to set multiple users to a role, which would allow you to set a column containing a role as the row owner as compared to an email address.
    🛡️Roles and Row Owners DEMYSTIFIED - #9 by Jeff_Hager

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hi @Jeff_Hager , thank you for your prompt reply. The Multiselection and Preset can solve my issue but I have to work around a little bit. It works with a list with not many options. I understand the limited of Glideapps but so far it gives us chances to be creative :smile:

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tengo una app así como el shoi lo hice por medio de un botón de acciones que hace eso al cliente a una columna de forma automática cuando se registra y tengo una botón formulario donde también puedo agregar miembros

lo que se me ocurre es hacer una columna en una pestaña de opciones así la trabajo, donde le coloques participantes en una pestaña dentro de glide creas celda de uso especifico con un boto de acciones donde agregues los miembros a tu lista de participante ojo esta pestaña de agregar miembros la haces visible para el admin después en shoi seleccionas la shet de opciones y la celda miembros.
si deseas me puedes mostrar una copia y te colabore en ese asunto