Permissions/Row Owners Project Management App

This is my first time building a multi-user app on Glide. I’m working on a project management app for a small company (<10 employees). What I’m trying to do is allow the owner to add projects/tasks, assign employees to those projects/tasks and then only permit employees to see projects/tasks that are assigned to them.

I read through other posts about row owners and I was able to get it to work if the project/task is assigned to only one employee. When selecting multiple employees, the names/roles are separated by a comma in the row owner cell and that does not allow the project/task to attribute to any employees. Greatly appreciate any guidance here!

If I understand you right, that’s kind of a limit we have to live with at the moment. When you have a list instead of only one employee, the only way you can get it to become an array is through a computed column. However, computed columns can not be used as row owners.

One of the most common workarounds I can think of is using Google Sheets and creating a series of adjacent columns over there using arrayformula/byrow, but it’s also complex.