Working with the switch component

Hello all,

I’m working with the switch component and would like to replace the boolean “true/false”.
I used an if-else column for when the user is available it is true then display “text” else “text”. However, I’m missing a connection when displaying the user’s availability, on the front-end.

What am I missing?

Are you referring to the Hint component in your screen shot?
How is that configured?

Hey Darren,

So how is it configured? Are you sure it’s pointing at the correct column?

One thing I notice is that your availability column is user specific. This means that users will only be able to see their own status, and not the status of any other users. Is that your intention?

I noticed my availability column was user-specific and changed that.
I would the users to see the status of others as well.

That logic in the is_cooking column looks dodgy. You’re comparing the availability of the currently signed in user to the availability of the user in each row. Shouldn’t it just be “if availability is true then this, else that”?

And you still haven’t answered my question about your hint component…

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Okay, and yes I would like to config hint component text. When the user taps the switches on, then the hint component should display “Happy Cooking” else offline.

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