Approving User Submitted Images

I am working on an app that I want to be PUBLIC but want to be able to APPROVE any photos that are uploaded.

Here is a SAMPLE of what I have done :

One tab mimics the USER interface, the other mimics a possible separate ADMIN app

On the USER tab of this app:

I have a FORM BUTTON that asks for a Photo and Caption and PREapproval Code (if they have it)

Below that, I also have tiles showing the photos that have been approved (either by the admin or a code)

This is coming from a COPY of the form (see the sheet)

Here is the filter:

So, if the user submits a photo, it is not IMMEDIATELY displayed on the front page (unless they have the right Approval Code.

On the ADMIN tab of the app:

In Data I have a column for Final Approval:

If it is not yet approved by me, or does not have the code, it says, “Needs Approval”

At the top,I have some tiles of the photos submitted with “Needs Approval” overtop of the image.

If I click on the “Needs Approval” image, I can ‘flip the switch’ to approve the photo.

When I do this, the photo will then be displayed on the “Front Page” of the User app.

If I ever want to remove a photo from the front, I have a list in the admin of ALL the photos, where I can slide the switch the other way.


This is a great approach, thank you for sharing.

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Thanks David.

Go ahead. The app is ‘live’. Anyone can upload and approve right now!

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How does one restrict an entire tab to admins only?

Not sure.

This is just an example app.

The ADMIN tab on the example is just for SHOW. I would build a whole new separate ADMIN app.

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There’s a couple of ways to do this.

If you only have one admin, place their email on a sheet by itself. Then use the single value column to grab the email of the admin from the sheet and include it on the photos sheet.

Another method is to first place an Admin column on a user specific sheet. Fill that column with ‘Admin’ for those have admin rights. On the photos sheet create a template column and make the result of that column ‘Admin’. Next create a relation column to link the Admin column in the photos sheet to the Admin column in the users sheet. Finally create a lookup column in the photos sheet to get the emails from the relation.

Both methods will provide a column of admin emails that can be used for filtering the photos list.

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Got it, thanks for clarifying!

Just making sure here. @Jeff_Hager

Your suggestions are for apps set to Public with email (or whitelist)

If I want my app to be Public (which is what I want), - an entire tab cannot be restricted?

or can it?

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I need public too

No, this would only work for public with email and whitelist. In your case, two apps is the better option.

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