Superadmin, Admin and public user

I am developing an online directory for a specific sector with two type of users in mind; the individuals and institutions providing the services and thus they need to provide and update their own data; the second type is public users to view and request such services

So my questions are:

  1. Super admin to approve all listings
  2. profile with admin rights to give clients the option to add/update delete their own submissions
  3. Public where everyone can view


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From what I can think of, you would need to filter row by user, email, and create a column for admin/super admin/general… Change visibility options based on the input of that column. You can use the “IF” column to create complex visibility requirements. However, I don’t think the general public will be able to use your app without a sign-in at this point…

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I have written such an app and decided to actually write 3 apps. They are simple enough to do in Glide once you have the spreadsheet all set, and in my opinion a little more manageable as you don’t have to have a ton of visibility if’s. Admittedly the app was almost done before some of the new features were introduced (like the visibility one or instance) but as I work with these new things I still find my original approach working well with no need for change. The reason the third app was was for that Administration approval level and the need to be able to have different edit screens for the same sheet. I guess it is possible to do that in a fashion now with the visibility feature but again I think have the separate app gives me more control. Two of the apps need to be PRO because of the amount of data. The third app, super admin user, uses a different spreadsheet that pulls changed and new data from the main spreadsheet. This currently does not need to be PRO as it only holds the data temporarily until it is approved.

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Thank you @George_B & @gg_0511. Is there an easier way to achieve this functionality. Creating three apps sounds like a bit too much to manage. I hope Glide will address this issue in the near future.