How to include Signed-In user details such as Name when they Add an item

I’m creating what I thought was a simple app. Three sheets. Schools, Teachers, Students.

  1. We set up the Schools sheet, entering basic details of multiple schools directly into the GSheet (not via App). This works!
  2. Teachers create an account, ‘Log in’, and associate themselves with a school, updating their personal details (in Teachers’ sheet). This works!
  3. Teachers ‘add’ their students to the Students sheet. Each teacher can only see their students and related details. This doesn’t work! :frowning:

I can get the ‘signed-in’ teacher email address into the Students sheet when they add a new student (along with whatever student details they enter) - but not, the teacher’s name, or the school name.

This means that when I create a list of students for that teacher, when i click in the details of students 'add’ed, it won’t display a teacher name or school name.

Similarly I can’t easily filter any data from the Students sheet by School if the School name isn’t entered in that sheet.

Is there a straightforward way to get details from the Teachers sheet - which has all the ‘signed-in’ user’s details in it - automatically into each new row in the Students sheet when they Add a new student?

Thanks for any tips, advice or examples that can help me resolve this!!!
best regards

special value user email then relation

On the student sheet, you’ll need to create a single relation to link the teacher email to the teacher sheet. You can the use lookup columns to retrieve teacher details and include them in the student data.

Thanks Jeff & Glider! Had been trying variations on this but couldn’t quite make it work. Will see if your suggestions do the trick!