How to connect profile details ( 'email' and 'name') fields across sheets

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I have several sheets for different tabs and screens and I would like to connect the data on the user profile sheets with the other sheets such that the ‘email’ and ‘name’ and the Row ID fields repeat across sheets?

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Are you wanting the name and email of the signed in user, or the name and email of the user that created the row on those other tables?

Hi Jeff_Hager, i want the name and email of the signed in user that created the row on other tables/sheets.

Ok, just for clarification, you mentioned the signed in user as well as the user that created the row. Which one do you mean? I assume you want the user that created the row.

We can easily place the signed in user’s information on every single row, and we can also easily place the information for the user that created the row, but the methods are very different.

Assuming you really want the user that created the row, what kind of information do you have on the row to identify the user that created it. Typically people will use the signed in user’s email special value to fill a column in the table when the row is created. Others will sometimes use something like the user profile row id when creating the row. We need some way to identify who created the row. Then a single relation and a couple of lookup columns can be used to retrieve that information from the user profile table.


Apologies for my late reply. Each row will be specific to a user and there’s row ID on the user profile sheet and I want only the signed in user to see/access their information data on the app.
Each user will input Information into the app once a month so I guess this will repeat in a new row…

I’ll ask this question again, since I didn’t really see the answer in your reply.

If you truly want to utilize security of user’s data, then you will need to write the user’s email to each added row. Then you can apply row owners to that email column. Then you will also be able to use the email t of create a relation to the user profile table and use a lookup to retrieve the name.

‘Row ID’ and user’s ‘email’

If you have the user’s RowID and the user’s email written to the table, then a single relation linking either the row id to the user profile row id, or a single relation linking the email to the user profile email will work. Once you have that relation, then you can create a lookup column that pulls the user’s name from the relation.

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Thank you so much Jeff_Hager, I’ll give it a go. I really appreciate your help .

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