Need "Set Column > User Profile >" without template/relationToUser

In order to write a value to the currently signed in user’s row from a different sheet, you need to:

  1. create a template column

  2. point it to User Profile >Row ID or Email

  3. create a relation column that links the two sheets by this value
    Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 3.01.38 PM

    Only then can you do a “set column” action to the user profile sheet.

A better solution would be to enable the “User Profile >” reference natively within the Set Column action (just like how we can access it from filters, ITE columns, Template columns, and
Math Columns)

+1 (sorry, no votes left for now) for everything that has to do with user and session information

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Absolute no-brainer. It’s a pain right now.

First thing I add to a new Table is ROWID, second is this! I just do it by default now because it’s almost always needed at one point or another.

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Exactly…if we need this kind of functionality in every table, then it should just be an integrated part of glide…shouldn’t need to build it every time.