What room am I in?

Hey guys, I’ve hit a wall. Wonder if you could please help?

I have a tab that uses a sheet called ‘blind rooms’ that features a simple in-line list of room items. The inline list displays a list of rooms and they are filtered to show only the rooms that the user can access. Pretty straightforward.

Once the user selects a room from the list and before showing the room details, I would like to update a column called ‘current room’ in the Users sheet. In this way, I can keep track of which room each user has last entered.

But I can’t find a way to do a column fill with the room ID into the user’s ‘current room’ column. If I try to run an action when a room is selected the column fill only picks up a relation that’s in the blind rooms sheet that is based on the ‘room owner’ as opposed to the user ID. So the wrong user’s current room get’s updated.

Thanks for any pointers!

The first thing that occurs to me is that you could use your User Profiles table as the source for this tab, and then you would have direct access to all columns in that table for a Set Columns action.

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Yes, it already is! But I still can’t push the item selected into the correct user column…

Do you have it filtered by user is signed-in user?

For clarity, I force any user to sign in via email and pin… so I think the answer is yes.

No, that’s not what I mean.
In your component options, there is a visibility filter. You need to set this to email is signed-in user.
If you don’t do that, then any Set Column action will operate on the first row in the sheet.

(I am assuming that you have User Profiles enabled and configured)

Ah ok - I will take a look…

here is a small video to demo the issue

thanks for your support!

This is where you need to check that you have it filtered by user is signed-in user.

Also, in your Custom Action, you should be able to do a Set Columns on “This Item”, rather than going through a relation.


I guess the other thing I would point out is that if you had Row Owners enabled on your Users sheet (which I’m guessing you don’t), then filtering wouldn’t be necessary as each user would only have access to their own row.

Sorry if I’m missing something, I’m close but clearly no cigar yet…

Is the User relation a single relation?
You can’t Set Columns through a multi relation

Yes the ‘room owner’ relation is a single relation… that shows up and works fine. But it’s the wrong relation.

I can’t set up a ‘guest list’ relation because as you rightly point out this requires a multi-relation for all the guests that can access the room…

Okay, there is something obvious missing but I’m struggling to put my finger on it.
You seem to be missing a relation somewhere.
Might be time to call in the cavalry… @Jeff_Hager ?

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If you want to change a value in current user you must make a relation with that user. The relation with owner only can change owner’s values

Yes but how? Each room has many guests. So the relation will be a Multi-relation and this blocks the set column option.

Can you share a demo of user and room tables?

Why not select the option to allow someone to help you fix this by providing our community moderator with the link so that he can jump in right quick and fix this for you.

Support links don’t work for us. They are only for the Glide team.

The community moderator should be given access. Don’t you think? :slight_smile:

Still need to read through all of this when I have time, but are you trying to set the room for multiple people at once, or is the user only setting the room for themselves?