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Hey Everyone. I am new to Glide, I have a pro app going (with email required). I am creating the onboarding process and have some questions. For some reason the tutorials aren’t helping me out in this instance…

I want to use the same user table for everyone but update a column named “Type” to “restaurant”, when the user starts creating a business account. So right now I have:

  1. a button with a form linked to user sheet
  2. I set column action on “this item” ,
  3. grab the users->email to identify?

but It won’t update the current users row. It just creates a new one.


A form will always create a new row. If they already have an existing row, then you should maybe be using a tab or link to screen that’s linked to the profile sheet and is filtered by signed in user (less secure) or automatically filtered through row owners (more secure). Then allow them to edit the existing row through edit mode or through entry components on a detail view screen.

One question I would have though…when the user creates a business account, do you want it to write a row in a different sheet, or do you simply want to be updating their existing user profile row?

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Great Idea Jeff.

RE: Your one question. Yes, I am adding a row in another Sheet.

Ok. My first instinct would be to suggest creating a single relation in your form response sheet that links maybe an email from the form sheet to your user profile sheet. Then use a Set Column action on submit of the form to write a value through the relation to the user profile sheet. However, many people have had issues with that working properly.

What I would actually suggest, is to create a relation column in your user profile sheet linking the email to the email in the restaurants sheet. The you can create an If/Then column that will return ‘restaurant’ if the relation is not empty. This way it’s handled automatically without you having to set the value through some action. If you ever plan to use this for Roles security on a Private Pro app, then this method will not work because glide columns can’t be used for Row Owners or Roles security. If that is not your intention and you just need it for general filtering or visibility, then you should be fine with the relation and if/then option.

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As soon as I typed out my original message I started going this route…Seems to work great. I overly complicated things!

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