Can someone help me with this app

I`m trying to develop a loyalty app for multiple Venders and would like your assistance the app will have the following features

User sign-up and login

  1. Users profile with Point Balance
    Points Used, Pending Rewards
  2. In User profile - Available offers to earn points from all venders
  3. Rewards section with available rewards.
  4. Point value to redeem each reward.
  5. Reward description
  6. Reward Image
    7.The ability for users to redeem points for rewards (the rewards will be in the form of gift cards vouchers etc) they will be sent to users without vendor interaction.
  7. A Reward request Button on each reward this button is only visible when the point value is the Same as or grater than the reward point value.
    This reward request is sent to us via WhatsApp and is detailed in the admin section of the app
  8. Once the reward request is sent the points required to redeem are removed from the user balance.

Vendor signup and login
The vendor Must be able to award points to members securely without abuse.
Points show instantly on the member’s account.
Our Admin Can determine the point value that vendors can add to users (eg is we have a special boost points day we need to be able to change the point value a vendor can issue.
Adding points to a user account should be simple a one-tap option (eg if it’s possible to use a QR code on the user side that the vendor can scan that takes the vendor to the user profile “As An Authorized Vender” the profile show an ad points button the vender then taps to add points this should be also set up that the vendor cant adds points for some hours after the interaction.

Are you wanting to build this app yourself, or are you looking for somebody to build it for you?

  • If the latter, then I’d suggest heading over to Glide Experts
  • If the former:
    • Perhaps start by browsing the Template Store, to see if there is anything there that is close to what you need. Even if you don’t find an exact match, you might find something close that will give you some ideas
    • Start building your app. If you’re completely new to Glide, then you’ll probably want to take advantage of the many excellent tutorials available, and also spend a good amount of time in the Glide Library learning the basics.
    • As you progress, you’ll most likely have specific questions and need a little help or guidance along the way. That’s what the community is here for.

Good luck!

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