Freebies and Incentives for Friends who use the app

How can I offer the people that use my app some incentives by inviting their friends to use my glide app? For example, The more times they invite people over the more freebies they get a chance to win. It can be points or just better chances to receive free options for food, drinks or membership badge levels for reservations or whatever. Lastly, I want them to have an actual rating and “STAR” by their profile to highlight their contribution. I’m not oppose to any suggestions as to what to offer them either. I’m more so on the looking for the technical “know-how” to tackle this idea. Now I think I’ve created the right spreadsheet to get the stars or rating but I’m not 100% confident in it nor do I know how to apply it to the app categories under a users profile.

Example: John gets a 4.7 star rating out of 687 of his peers because he invited Tammy, Sue, Joe and Curry Lin and 200 other people to join his app and actually buy products from a certain list of companies.

I think it’s best to draw this out and work on little pieces at a time. This is a very broad and open ended question that’s very hard to answer without seeing a complete vision of how everything is supposed to flow and work together.

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