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Hi guys, i just wanted to ask the community how you guys share your app ? Especially if you have a profile community.

Does anybody of you guys know how you or each member could invite people friends ( like linkedin and facebook does, connecting to email address book , whatsapp etc etc)

I have about 400 members and people ask me how they can invite friends easier ?

thanks guys

Facebook and linkedin achieved huge user growth from those tactics. Unfortunately there there is no easy way to do that with Glide.

Your best option right now is to present a button with the action “show sharing actions”. Place this on an appropriate page in the app.

If you are up for some custom scripting, perhaps you can hide the button and make it appear after a certain action. Or after they have used the app X times, etc. I encourage people to share my app 7 days after sign up via an email campaign.

Keep in mind, that people coming from Facebook, Instagram and some other sites will have app install issues (add to home screen will not work). I documented this in a couple of posts here.

thank you for this valuable message.
i connect my social media page so that they have to go to my website to download it, that way it works

i was just wondering, becaues the people who did download it they want to share it, and like you said fb linkedin etc, they have great success, with that and user are asking for this too.

just trying to figure out a way, to get to share it easier or to grow, any other tactics you guys have ?

I don’t know anything about your business, app or goals. But in my opinion the best way to grow an app is to design a “viral feature” that is connected to its core value.

For dropbox, their link sharing functionality was instrumental to their early growth because an existing user would naturally invite other people to the product during the ordinary course of using it.

In early stages, focus on solving the needs of early adopters and they will evangelize your app.

hey, thanks again

no thats what i am doing, its a trade/ barter app,we doing the matching manually etc, with emails etc like that,

dropbox had a video which went viral too, but yes the invite is hard on this app, like i said some users asking for that, thats why i am asking if you guys have something or how you guys doing it.

im just trying a lot of things, working not bad, its just an mvp anyways, but it does the purpose, but would be great for the invite function or something like that, right now its really driving it to the website to download it, but people want to share there profile. and invite which is as it seems not possible.

Sounds like we both want to be able to share user profiles… Like this?

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that would be awesome

Update: I spent half a day on this and I have confirmed that I can create a user customized, branded URL that will link to a users profile page.

This requires:

1) Capturing a deep link to a users public profile page

Can be done with some a undesirable and hacky UI:

Deep linking to a row must be done with a list and they can only be captured by a user triggered action that writes the value to a column. So you need to direct the user to their public profile in a list and have them click a button to generate and save the link. :cry:

There is some quirkiness that I am working through now. I don’t have any experience designing an app that supports both anonymous & signed in users so I am plodding through it.

2) Creating a UI to enable a user to select a unique keyword so they can claim

Can be done with some clever google sheets scripting and glide logic. Haven’t prototyped it but I am confident that I can make it work.

3) Creating a custom redirect URL from to their profile page’s deep link

I prototyped this with integromat + rebrandly

4) The deep link is immutable

I have no idea if this is the case!


i must be honest , didnt quiet get how to do it, is it working ?

Technically it’s working but the UX is a little undesirable right now.