Sharing the current view in-app

Hi Glide team -

A really powerful feature would be for users to be able to share their current view as a web link.

For example, if I want to link user-submitted content online to Twitter or social, I can initiate a Tweet, but I can’t populate it with any content.

This allows app creators to drive more traffic to their app and grow more viewers/users (and naturally as users grow, so should Glide subscriptions). This would be a huge game changer.

Happy holidays and thank you!


Yep! This is sometimes called “deep links” and we plan to do it.


Yes deep-linking functionality would be great. Cheers!

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There’s a way to do this now.
Create a button column and append your glideapp url replacing my url below. Here’s the button I use in my app to allow people to share my app on facebook.

Just use google formulas to add your app url after the =" sign.
Example formula. =Arrayformula IF A2:A="","",“"&"
use this to create a button to “Share on facebook”

IF you want to forward the image to their timeline and include the details of the post, you will need your own website, a facebook developer account and a facebook developer ID.

It is more technical but possible with no additional cost, but coding knowledge will be needed.