Is there a way to let businesses share their profile to the public?

I’m building a platform that allows users to search for and find the exact salon business they are looking for.

Each salon business has its own unique profile page on my site.

I would love to have a way for businesses to market/share their profile but I’m not sure if this is possible on Glide.

I was hoping for a sharable direct link like this: (fake link for example only)

Like a go-to “check out this salon”

But i don’t think this is possible so i was hoping for other ideas?

you can do this using deep links… but these are long, so you might wanna hide them behind hyperlinks

Oh sweet thanks, i haven’t heard of this. Is there a video for learning how to do it?

just copy a deep link… and create a hyper… like this:


Haha ok you gotta break it down for me like I’m 10. Where do i find the deep links for each profile page?

to have a deep link… you would have to have each page as a result of a detailed view list… that will allow you to have a link to that screen


Great, thanks! I’ve added the button to my profiles and it works, but is there a way to hide the deep link and automate the hyper link name so that anyone can share it? Is that what Zapier does?

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Others have used third party url shortening services. You can search the forum to find posts regarding that. It’s not a simple process though. Otherwise, you could try using a template column to wrap the url in <a href> html tags with a friendly name. But how well that works depends on how you intend to share the url.

Hi Jeff! I dug through the forums and i couldn’t find anything that seemed to be a clear win??

I was wondering if you could explain your template solution a little more and i could try that out. I have never used ? The main purpose would be to share with other people via things like Text, Email, or Facebook.


I would create a template column that looks like this:
<a href="{URL}">{NAME}</a>

Then set up replacements in the template column to replace {URL} with the column that contains the url, and replace {NAME} with the column that contain the friendly name for the url.

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OK, I’m working on this now! So first I made a template that made the Salon Names URL friendly by removing the spaces. And then I started making the template you described and I’m stuck here:

I don’t know how to replace the URL because each individual salon has it’s own deep link. So how do I get the deep links into a column in order to add it to the template? (assuming that’s what i need and I actually did it right - very good chance i’m doing it wrong) :slight_smile:

Thank you!

If you don’t have deep link as a field already, you can structure an action like this on entry of the details view in your list.

  • Show details view
  • Set column: set the current screen’s link to a normal column in your data

If you want to have beautiful links instead, the solution would be somewhat like this.

  • If “deep link” is not empty, show details view only.

  • If “deep link” is empty, show details view and trigger a webhook to Integromat containing the “link to current screen” as a variable, alongside the rowID of the current row.

  • In Integromat, add a node to to process that link and give it a “path” as you want.

  • Add a Google Sheets search row node to search for the row with the rowID passed through the webhook.

  • Add a final Google Sheets update row node to update the row found with the short link in step 2.

  • Use that deep link in your HTML template.

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Hi Thinh, thank you for your additional info. Forgive me, but I’m still struggling to figure out how to get the deep link into a data column.

So you’re saying i need to go to a profile page (which is in details view) and create an action (using an action button?) where i can send the info to a data column?

You should have an inline list of profiles, and take advantage of any clicks on that inline list to generate a link for you. The action is executed when they view the profile in question.

Jeff, I’m still trying to work on this deep link to hyper link replacement. Can you still help me with this?

I just created a deeplink column (not shown).
I extracted the deeplink for the salons that are highlighted.
I’m clearly not doing the replacements right bc the deep link isn’t hidden!
Any idea what I need to do to make it right?

They look okay - what do you see when you use that “Share Salon Template” column in a Rich Text component?

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Oh ok, it does look right here!

So how do I turn that column into a shareable button?
And when someone does click that button to share it aka ‘copy’ it, will it also ‘paste’ as that hyperlink as well? Because thats what I was trying to solve for!

Thanks so much!

You could just use a standard button component, and assign a Copy to Clipboard action to that button. The data that gets copied will be the contents of that column.

How well it works, depends (as Jeff mentioned in his earlier reply) on what it’s then pasted into.
If it gets pasted into an email, for example, most email clients will recognise the HTML tags and render it as is seen in your screen shot.

But if it was pasted into a basic text editor, then you’d see it as it appears in your Glide Data Editor.

So again, it depends…

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OK thanks! Most all of the sharings would be SMS, Facebook, and email. So I’ll test out sms and Facebook too.