Send user to a specific page, form, or document?

Is it possible to send a client to a specific page , or form or document inside Glide?
Or I have to create a visibility only page?
Thank you


Hi @Advance_Vision you could maybe send to specific page using deep links

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Thanks @Rosewebstudio, I did not see that feature before . Thanks for your help

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Hi, I don’t see an option for adding a Row ID column in the Glide Table editor:

Also, my User Glide Table has a unique UserID. Not sure how it got there (someone helped me) and not sure if this serves as a Row ID?

Also not seeing a Share component to select and add to my page…

The lock and greyed out text indicates that it’s a RowID. How it got renamed to UserID, I don’t know.

Yes, that looks like a RowID column that’s just been renamed.

Glide won’t let you add a RowID column to a table that already has one.

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Thanks. I’m still not seeing a Share component I can add to my current screen and assign to Current Screen. is that still in the platform?

Component??? Do you mean the ‘Share Link’ action?

I’m referring to the Share action mentioned in trying to add a button to my page that is a shareable deep link.

The docs show this:

So you added a button with a ‘Share Link’ action, but the ‘Link to Current Screen’ option does show up as an option for the data setting? Are you sure that you are viewing the details screen from the correct table?

The renamed RowID column kind of concerns me. I never rename that column since it has much deeper meaning for the glide internals. Not saying it can’t be renamed, but that would be one of my first suspicions for things not working correctly.

Can you show screenshots of the selected action on your button and the list of columns that show up in the ‘Data’ setting?

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Thanks, @Jeff_Hager. I figured it out from your response.

As you said, I needed to add a Button, then select the Share Link action, then select Current Screen.

And then test it on my phone since nothing happens in the app editor.

For good measure, I renamed that UserID column to RowID, per your comment on the importance of that column name.

Thanks for your help.

PS I think I read somewhere that the link will open up in Safari (or default browser) on my iPhone even if I have my app saved as an icon. So it doesn’t quite behave like, eg a Yelp link, that will open the app if it’s installed on my iPhone.

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I’m fairly certain it can be safely renamed. I’ve been doing it for quite some time now, and not had any adverse side effects. Because I essentially use RowID as a UUID, I find it convenient to rename it as something that relates to the data in the same table.


Good to know!

haha… although, all that said I will admit that I rarely use the Share Link option. So maybe this is an edge case where it does matter :man_shrugging:t3::joy:

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Hehe, I really don’t know. Glide handles renaming columns really well, but I’ve never had to need to do it for the RowID. All I know is that people have ran into issues in the past when they started messing with that column. Who knows.

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On some smartphones the deep links in my app open to the specific desired page but on some other smartphone that SAME link opens the app homepage and not the specific page. Anyone knows why?


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Are those rows for the deep link under Row Ownership?

If the app defaults to the home screen, are users still able to navigate to the specific screen that the deep link should have taken them too?

Just trying to eliminate the possibility that they may not have access to that data.

Yes users are still able to navigate to that specific procedure, very strange

Is this something that happens on certain devices or browsers, or does it seem to be random? When it doesn’t work, does the app seem to be taking longer to load by any chance?

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Thank you for your help!
It seems random, on some devices and only sometimes. But I will make more tests to be certain of this.
Also my deep links are very very long, like:

Is there a way to have shorter deep links?