How to create custom URL to share content from an app made on Glide?

I created an app on Glide and would love to help me solve the problem that I’m not getting a solution.

I put a share button for courses I sell. The problem is that the URL is created from RowID and generates a very large url. I would like someone to help me change to a smaller url.

Please help me.

Welcome on board the community !

If your sharing links are based on your row-id’s you won’t be to have smaller row-id’s as they cannot be reduced/changed. You should consider having other data for your links :slight_smile:

For now, I place mines in bitly to shorten them. Hopefully, they can become shorter in the future in addition to other things when it comes to the sharable links.

I use Advanced URL Shortener add on for google sheets, which converts the long link into a

The free version requires you to manually shorten the URL.