How to create custom URL to share content from an app made on Glide?

I created an app on Glide and would love to help me solve the problem that I’m not getting a solution.

I put a share button for courses I sell. The problem is that the URL is created from RowID and generates a very large url. I would like someone to help me change to a smaller url.

Please help me.

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If your sharing links are based on your row-id’s you won’t be to have smaller row-id’s as they cannot be reduced/changed. You should consider having other data for your links :slight_smile:

For now, I place mines in bitly to shorten them. Hopefully, they can become shorter in the future in addition to other things when it comes to the sharable links.

I use Advanced URL Shortener add on for google sheets, which converts the long link into a

The free version requires you to manually shorten the URL.

can you add details on how to set the system to recognize a new row with the new link?

You need to generate a link for each row added.

I couldn’t do it automatically, instead I added a button for me to generate it.

With the new computation model, you kind of can now, since links in both apps and pages now do follow a structure you can pre-construct with a template column.


A. I understanding that I can make a column and insert the url for that data, is that correct ?
B. How to tell the system that column is the link?

You mean I can have normal domain like Daniel for a specific column?

My custome domain is , is a platform for instructors, I really need that each instructor have a easy to remember and share link.

I’m struggling to understand if I can use Template or URL construct feature to assign that type of custom link for each profile

This. Probably going to be my next video as it’s a game changer.


Updating my initial question. This is how to add a custome link with a button.

I’m researching how to construct the custome url with. Eager to watch Mr Petitto Video as well.


You can create a template column to pre-construct most of the parts in that URL. and then add the rowID to the end of it.

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Still don’t get it. what I need is make possible to have a easy to remember and share link, don’t matter if it’s a mask or redirect. Example I want people to visit a specific page typing “ Daniel” or “ username”.

@Robert_Petitto Hows the video going? Very eager to watch it :face_in_clouds: :wink:

You can’t just assign any url you want to a screen. Glide has a specific url structure that includes the tab code, screen codes, and row ID’s, which are used to help it navigate between screens and provide an actual location for that content. What Glide has done recently is make that url structure much more predictable compared to how glide used to build out the deep link urls in the past.

What’s being mentioned above is how to predict what a url will be for a screen since it’s now easier for us to understand, and build it using a template column. This in no way has anything to do with assigning your own urls to a specific row. It’s all about figuring out what the url is that Glide will assign.

If you want a custom url, then what you first need to do is obtain this deep link url. That’s the part that I think @Robert_Petitto is talking about for his video. Once you have the deep link url, then you need some sort of third party url shortening service that can take information from that row, such as a name, along with the deep link, pass it to that third party service, and return a short url. It’s not something you can do entirely within glide. It requires an outside service to accomplish.

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Something like this, but instead of having to get the “link to current screen” value, you can pre-construct it with the current Glide computational model. Just need the rowID over.

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I’ll create a better video/example tomorrow maybe, but for now, here’s a brief explanation:


I have shareable profiles on my app with branded links using You can either:

Create them manually for your users as they sign up, by copying the deep link of their profile, plugging it into to create a branded link, and then pasting it back into Glide (more footwork for you but it’s doable) OR
You can have the process automated by using and either set up the automation yourself or outsource it to a Glide affiliate team.

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Goooot it! You solve the need of clicking a buton to create the link! Thanks!

Thanks Katelyn! Workaround is clear now :slight_smile: