😍😍! Create Slug or Custom URL for Tabs in pages

Did anyone else notice that we can now create slugs and thus are able to customize the URL to some extent. At least for the tabs in pages…
e.g. {www.glidepage.com/dl/about-us}
Wow…Glide team this is great work :clap::clap:
I am loving it. Thank you for this addition :muscle:
This is massive!

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Yep! This has been around since the inception of pages.


Oh wow!
I had no idea. Its funny that no one seems to have mentioned it because for me, its a very important feature especially for SEO, possibly in the not too distant future…

how about the further pages though?

How can I replace https://domain.com/dl/blog/s/1d0342/r/4QOWSGpgRa-GlIwIvb7rUQ with
https://domain.com/dl/blog/s/this-is-a-blog ?

This is also crucial - thanks in advance <3

The only way is to use a service like Short.io (integration available on Business/Enterprise), or send a webhook every time a row is added, with the “slug” to Make and process the URL there using the Short.io module, then bring the new URL back to Glide.

Thanks for the reply, is there a tutorial for this? I have also cloudfare and I see they support short.io, also made an account with them, but I am not sure how to rename the link from https://domain.com/dl/blog/s/1d0342/r/4QOWSGpgRa-GlIwIvb7rUQ into https://domain.com/dl/blog/s/this-is-ablog, where is Glide taking this link from essentially?

We have business account for the record (240$ a month)

When you add a new row, presumably from a form, what you can do is:

  • Pre-construct a “full URL” template column.

Say https://domain.com/dl/blog/s/1d0342/r/4QOWSGpgRa-GlIwIvb7rUQfor example, will have a fixed part: https://domain.com/dl/blog/s/1d0342/r/. The rest is the rowID of the newly created row. You can have a template like:


And replace {R} by the rowID.

  • Create a new column to store the Shortened URL.

  • In the on-submit action of the form, use a Short.io integration.

Domain: Your custom domain, make sure you also configure it in Short.io already

Original URL: The template above

Path: This will be the slug you have to pre-decide. Say in the form, you will have a field to enter this. It will look like blog/s/this-is-a-blog. I don’t think it would carry the dl over. I have done sth like that before.

Title: Also a field you can have in the form.

Other fields are optional.

Then point the result to the “Shortened URL” column you created in the previous step.

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Thanks a lot for the exlpanation, we will focus on this this week and revert here if there are any questions! <3

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