Show Sharing Option includes my App link

A feature in my app is to send a quote to the customer, for this, I use the Show Sharing Option. Mostly because some customers want an email, others want an SMS message, some want it in WhatsApp.

But every time I use this feature it includes a link to my app. This has to be a bug? In no way do I want to provide a link to my app for every single item I share.


Can you explain more about how you’re actually using the Show Sharing Option, and in what context?

I suspect that what it does, and what you think it does, are two completely different things.

Here are a few screenshots that will better explain why this is a bug. And, how the Action is not doing what I expect it to do. :slight_smile:

The action Show sharing options is attached to a button. The Data field is a plain text field in a database.


When I press my button, the native iPhone Share screen appears (as expected), I select Email and the information I want to share is pasted into the email. But the button link is also added, it should not be add.

This is the native iPhone share button.

When pressed, the iPhone share screen appears. It’s exactly as it should (per the image) when I use the iPhone photo app to share a photo or if I use my app to share product information.

I hope that clarifies why this is a bug. And the function is not properly working as it should.

If the purpose of the Action Show sharing options is supposed to be used as a means of sharing a link to your app, then the name of the Action is wildly misleading.

Okay, so what you are getting there is a Deep Link to the current screen in your app.

To be honest, I’m not sure if that is intended behaviour, or - as you suggest - a bug.
So I’ll leave it for others to comment on.

Edit: Just found the relevant section in the Glide Library. Based on that, I suspect you might be right.

Edit 2: Yeah, did a bit more digging, and some testing. When you choose the Show Sharing Options, to get the Deep Link you would normally choose the ‘Link to Current Screen’ option.

But it seems that no matter which option you choose as the Data, the Deep Link goes along for a piggy-back ride. Looks like a bug, smells like a bug…

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I’m not completely convinced that this is a glide issue. I could be wrong, but this question has come up a few times. The share sheet is unique to the device OS. It’s not something created by glide. I’d have to check again, but in my experience I don’t get the link included on my particular device (Motorola-Android), so I have to think that it’s a feature of the OS to include the page link.

Does anybody have an app, with the share sheet option enabled, that has this happen to them? I’d like to verify if this happens to me as well, or if I’m just full of it.

I know the share sheet is much more convenient, but you could try some of the other actions, like compose email/text, etc.

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I tested earlier (with iPhone), and got the same behaviour. I tested with a handful of random columns set as the “Data”. In each case, I got the value of that column, plus the Deep Link.

I’ve not used this feature enough to have any expectations around what the correct behaviour should be, but this doesn’t seem right.

Edit: I just re-read and realised you’re looking for something to test with. Give me a few minutes and I’ll put something together.

Edit 2: @Jeff_Hager give this a try:

Config on the button:

Column B contains the single word “Moo”.
On my iPhone, I get that plus a “deep link” (it’s from the home screen so it’s just the app link)

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Well, I guess I’m full of moo crap. I tried sharing to various apps and copying to the clipboard before copying into other apps, and they all included the app link. I could have sworn that it didn’t do that before, so out of sanity, I fired up my old phone and I had the same results there.

So with that said, you can ignore everything I said above. I still could have sworn that at some point it wasn’t including the app link for me, but I really don’t know now.

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Thanks for all the testing.

Short answer, its a bug. :slight_smile:

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Is there any ETA on fixing this bug?

My app users are begging for the Share feature. Currently I can’t implement it because the Glide app link is shared along with the information I actually want to share.

When using the share feature in the Windows browser it produces the same results as the iPhone. The information I intend to share is present, but at the bottom is the Glide link for my app.

The Glide app link needs to be removed.

No update, no response? Any eta on fixing this? Any acknowledgement that it is a confirmed bug?

I got you.

Just looked into this and I might have a fix on our end. Will try testing it with some staff before our next release to verify.


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