Button - Show Sharing options usage?

I’ve check the documentation of the Button " Show sharing options" Glide Docs but it seems it doesn’t give any details about on how thus this work.

Has anyone used this feature?
I was thinking that this feature will show a share button ex. facebook and other social media sites.

but not sure what data does it accept? I tried , text and url but it doesn’t do anything. can someone share if you have already used this functionality.

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Here’s one reference.

I already read that before posting this as well, that post didn’t gain traction and the answer with the zapier example didn’t give info or sample application how it works.

I haven’t used the ‘Show Sharing Options’ myself, but as far as I know it only works on a phone and not on a desktop. On a phone it will show the sharing page for that device with a list of apps you can share to. As far as I know, it only acts like a copy/paste and shares the data from the column you specified to whichever app you select in the share sheet. I also thought I read somewhere that it may or may not include the URL of the glide app with that text. I guess it’s there to use however you want, but I would be sure to test it on a phone instead of a computer.

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Exactly this

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Hello, yes I was also expecting & would appreciate such feature to be able to share via Social Media (such as a picture or a quote…) to help promote the app by sharing interesting content via FB / LI / TW etc.

You can do so using a mobile device.

You can also edit the action and also add a copy to clipboard of the link, to have both things happening depending on where it is used.