Share an item to various social sites

My app relies on being able to share items on the app to various social media sites. Is this on the roadmap? And is there a way around this I could implement now?

It would also be AMAZING if you could then see the data on how people have interacted with the item you have shared via glide. E.g. you see something you like, share it on FB, 15 people like it, 3 people comment, 2 people reshare. Then you could see these statistics on the item’s page and track it as it’s reshared.

Any advice on a workaround for this would be amazing, thanks!


The app does have a button action to ‘Show Sharing Options’. This basically allows you to share a specific column value with other apps on your device. It does not provide a link back to that specific part of the app. There are no built in stats for shared items, however you could maybe find something using Zapier to update values in a google sheet.

+1 I thought this would be covered by Sharing Options in the Button component

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A thought to get around this.

You could have an ‘image’ representative of the Apps screen you want to share (link in a google sheet column) and the ‘sharing options’ button would share that image link.

Would unfortunately mean you’d have to create images per app page, but maybe that can be automated by another image making tool.

I have tried this.

I’ve uploaded my images to Glide then attempted the share button. But it just spits out the url link in the column…
And not the image natively.

But if someone figures out a work around please let me know. Or if this becomes a feature.

I have not been able to do that as well, because basically what we’re passing into the sharing options is the URL, not the image itself.

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Any news from Glide on whether this feature would be developed or if a workaround is available?

I’m sure with some interweb searching you could probably do this now with Webhook and Integromat.