Sharing my app by message (FB Messenger, whatsapp, email...)

Hello all ! I throught it might be interesting to have a “share this app with friend” button that generate some icons to share on FB Messenger, Linkedin Inmail, email, whatsapp or others messaging apps.

An idea to do this with glide ?

Thx !

Go the the hamburger menu, click the “I” and click the share link

I was searching for buttons to add in app :smirk:

Like this

I guess you can add an image whose action is to share… And when you click it, it opens your phone sharing menu.

I tried this but the image takes all width of page and it’s not pretty.

I’m actually trying to setup an Rich Text element, but it seems that I’m not pretty good with html…

Cannot have a little icon…

Try it with an inline list, and do what @eltintero says, the image will be smaller and you’ll be able to set a share action

I have this for my follow icons, you can do something similar with share icons.

Set up an inline list with images as tiles, then set the action to show sharing options and link to current screen.

I believe I created them in paint with a lot of white space around is so when shrunk down the white space is still there.


Exactly what I meant :grin:

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Nice solution ! Thanks :slight_smile:

I worked a little bit to have the options I wanted (each icon sharing to the dedicated messaging app, with a predefined message), here is the result and the code (to put in rich text element) to help others who will need it :

<p>Invitez vos amis</p>
<a href="mailto:?subject=This is a super app!&body=I suggest you to use"><img src="" height="45"></a>
<span><a href="fb-messenger://share/?link="><img src="" height="45"></a>
<span><a href="sms:?&body=MessageWithUrlToEncode"><img src="" height="45"></a>
<span><a href=" suggest you to use"><img src="" height="45"></a>

NB : the body element of the sms predifined message should be encoded with this kind of tool :

NB2 : there are blank spaces between icons because I cheated with icons included blank spaces :smile:


@Sheme34, Thanks for sharing. I am trying to implement the same. Do you have an image data field tied to a rich text column to show these images ?

Nope. I relate to an image url, to have it as a column you need (I think) to create a template colum, add my html code and replace my image url in it with a placeholder. I you cant success with it reping me later cauz I m busy for now and I ll try to show you

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Thank you

Thanks :slight_smile: