Sharing product info via text message or email?

I have a product tab that pulls data from various inline lists and displays text boxes. In case of some products one would have to scroll to get complete information on the product. Is it possible to share everything on that tab via sms or email? I would really like my users to be able to share product info without having to share a screenshot.

Thanks for your responses in advance.

You can create a template column that joins all info you need, then a button with the “Show share options” pointing to that template column.

I find this pretty useful for cases where you have pre-built a landing page for the app. You can add that landing page in the template to let people share it to social media platforms. When we have deep linking this will be even more powerful.


You are awesome @ThinhDinh
I get the template part and it’s very helpful suggestion. I will be using that either way.
However,I forgot to mention that I want to share product image as well. Will your solution include image as well?

Can you share an example of landing page?

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Take an example from @eltintero’s Cancun Tour app. for the landing page, for the app.

For the product image, I just add the image link in the template. They can view the image by clicking the link.

Gotta mention that this would potentially bypass the problem when users share the info to Facebook Messenger. If you include the app link straight in the template, Messenger users won’t be able to log in the app using that link. I think getting to the landing page first, then app link later will solve that problem.

Here’s what it should look like when I share a product on Messenger.



Thanks a lot @ThinhDinh. I do wonder at times what would we do without you.
I may bug you again on this.


You can build landing pages like that using Probably there are some more options out there, but I heard great things about Caard and would recommend this for you to try.

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My brain is night mode as I thought you meant landing page in Glideapps :laughing: Thats why I asked for example. Yes, I agree. Isn’t your website also carrd?

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If you’re talking about the agency website, I’m not sure I did not build it lol. Looks like it can be made with Caard as well.

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Yes I assumed you own the agency.

Haha nope it’s eltintero’s agency.

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I own it but @ThinhDinh is the star!


and yes, the website is built in carrd


Said the humble leader :+1:

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Great recommendation.
I’m actually using the sharing option as a way to give my users the option to “accept a task” by sending me a text message or WhatsApp based on their preference. However, the message currently includes the link to the app. Is there a way to remove this? I noticed that you don’t have it in the image you shared via messenger. (Note I haven’t upgraded it to pro yet but plan to once it’s more refined).

Is that by default? Do you have a column where you store the value to be shared? Mine was a template column where I joined all those info together.

Yeah, seems to be the default. I created a template column, added a little message and included the name as well as a reference (generated using the unique row ID). When I go into the app using my phone, select the sharing button and choose WhatsApp or SMS, it includes the link to the application itself. It’s not something I added and can’t see where it’s coming from so assume that it’s the default.

Yeah I don’t use WhatsApp here so assume it’s by default. The suggestion above came from when I shared it to Messenger and it’s not the case.

Originally I wanted to include the app link but as users who log into the app via Messenger can’t get access, I removed that.

I just tested it via Messenger and got the same thing. So far it’s the case for all three: WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger

Your users can’t access the app if they log in via Messenger?

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