Share by text

Using the “share” button in the top right corner of the glide app design page, a window would open that had a place to type a phone number to which a link to your glide app would be sent along with a message that said “check out Cornhusker Kegs”
That share button now only has a place to share by email.:sob:. We used that share by text ALL THE TIME! I’m so sad it’s gone.
Could this be something I could build into our app with a Zap?

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You can actually do this using a button with the “Share Link” action. If you look at my eBiz card you will see an option in the menu dropdown to share my card and when on your phone the message app shows as an option:


I used that almost exclusively. I didn’t notice until you mentioned that it is gone. My app in the new team has not been completed yet and so I had no reason to share.

I see that might be an option, the downside is that previously, we were sending those texts to customers right from our register/PC. We have an iPad at the same counter that I may have to try this with. Thanks for the suggestion

Well, you could always use Zapier or Make and Twilio (I think that’s the one that can send SMS.

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