Remove link to app in "Sharing option"

Do you know if it is possible to remove the link to the app when sending a message.
I have set up template text messages to be send to my Customer upon pushing a button but there is the link to the App attached.
Is there a way to remove the link ? I use “Show sharing option” as action. and all the time there is a lik to my Glide App.

Many thanks for your hep.

Happy new year :partying_face: :champagne:

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I believe this is a very recent addition, want to get rid of the link as well. +1.

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Can you show me what you’re referring to with a screenshot please?

Hi @david

Here is a screenshot. You will see at the very bottom that there is a link to the page where the information comes from. I do not want my recepient to get the link to the app.

Let me know if this is unclear to you.

Where in your app is this configured? I am still unclear about what is composing this message. To my knowledge, Glide has no way of automatically including a deep link in any action.

This has happened to me when you share a specific screen, other than that it’s just the regular link

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Hi David,

Would you like yo be granted access to my App as I cannot use “share option” on my computer and I cannot record a video of my phone screen. it is too heavy.

If you need the link to my App, I would be more than happy to grant you access.

Cheers, :sweat_smile:

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This is my point, I do not want the link to be shared. If this is the only option, I will find a way to set up a zap or something.
I just thought it was handy to be able to send a text message using Glide directly.


@Fanny_Ditomene_Sekwe have you received any news regarding this issue ? I am facing the same issue right now : link of the app is automatically added while using “sharing options” action.

Hi, I have not heard anything since.
Is it possible for you to make a video. I tried on my mobile phone I couldn’t find a way to record all the screens