Can you hide the QR code and the SHARE options?

I am busy creating an app that will be used in an organization.
They would like to keep it to them selfs. But maybe later on, maybe share it with others.
Is there a way, to hide the QR code and the SHARE on the ABOUT page?
And later when they would like to make it available to others, then we could make it visible again.
Maybe make it visible for one person, so others in the organization can install the app.
Thanks for all your tips and trick, time, and effort.
(PS: We are using the FREE plan, and I am still learning GLIDE.)

yes you can, use /full extention

Can you explain this?
I am still new to GLIDE and I am not sure what you mean.

take a look at the app I created… it is a Glide app on the free plan:

Sorry, which app do you mean?
I saw several apps.
I had tried three and in all of them, if I go to the ABOUT page, I can see the QR code and SHARE link.

the main app, templates market… look at the URL, it has /full extention

This was made with Glide Pages?
What I mean is Glide Apps

not pages, regular App… add /full to your app URL and you’ll see for yourself!

So when you publish the app, then in that URL you will put /full and then publish?

no, after you publish… add it in your browser

Okay, will give it a try later in the day.

I just tried it several times, but I cannot get it to work.
In the app on the ABOUT page, I still see the QR code and the SHARE link.
In the setting, I just saw the option to remove the QR code and SHARE link, you need a PRO plan.

did you add /full at the end of the URL?
or you wanna disable the hamburger menu? can you post a screenshot?

I could not put /full at the end of the URL in the SHARE screen in GLIDE.
So, I copied the URL, open my browser, past the URL, placed /full at the end, and open the app.
But when I go to the “hamburger menu”, and choose ABOUT, I still see the option for the QR code in the top left and under AUTHOR, I still see SHARE, with the link.

you can take out that menu… as I did in my app… you don’t see it there… and add your own share app link button with a link that includes /full

Hi Pierre,

Sorry for interfering here!

I guess there is no way to do that in the Free Plan. But I believe it’s on the Pro Plan :


Thank you


I will try to see, how to remove the ABOUT page and create a new one.
The SEND FEEDBACK option was something I liked and would like to keep.
Will see how to do it.

you can find all that tricks in my other App :wink:

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