Block the Share option


I see that in the info, there is a share option, to share the app.
Can I disable this, so I will send the share link only to users I would like to have the app, and basically will allow them to share it from the app itself?

Thanks, Gal.

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You can disable this in the Glide builder>Settings>Sharing>Hide About Screen

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Now I see it - but it is only available with PRO :frowning: , and since this is an experimental - I wouldn’t like to pay for it

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Yes, that is true. Glide offers an incredibly rich experience for their free version but of course there are some things like custom background, hiding the about screen, no limits on sheet edits, faster updates, etc. that come with Pro. They have to somehow differentiate. You should check out the PRO features and try it for a month ($29 with no long commitment) - and you can then switch to annual if you like it. You can even switch your PRO to any app you build so you’re not stuck with that particular app if you start over or have a different idea. I upgraded to PRO monthly after a week of working on my app and then felt very comfortable switching to annual a few weeks after that. Best of luck with your app!