Is it possible to change the Glide Apps About screen?

Hi Gliders,
I am busy creating a Glide App and I want to know if it is possible to change the ABOUT screen.
As far as I know, this is not possible, but maybe I am mistaken.
Right now, in the About screen, you can see the author of the app, the share link, and the option to send feedback.
I would like to add one more option. Documentation or Help.
If it is not possible, then maybe I need to add one more option to the menu.
Many thanks in advance for your time and help.
(I don’t know if it is needed to know, but I am using the Free plan)

You can’t make changes to the about screen but there is a workaround. Under settings > sharing you can “Hide About screen”. Then create your own custom about screen.


Thanks for the tip.
But this option is locked in the free plan.
So, I think I need to create an extra option in the menu for the help or documentation :slight_smile:

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