New share/info screen ℹ️

Apps now have a new share/info screen. When users click on the about menu they’ll see a screen with the author name, a share link, and a support link. The support link takes users to a separate screen where they can send the app author a message. This is message is sent through Glide, so users do not email app authors directly.

If your app is pro, you have the option to hide this about screen.


Thanks @eltintero for the beautiful app for the demo :wink:

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While I like the overall idea, I’d really like to be able to configure this tab, rename it, and add components to the layout. Currently, I have a “Feedback” tab in my apps already, where users complete a feedback form that includes a star rating, pros and cons, etc. Now there are two “Feedback” areas and I can see it causing confusion.

Similarly, I have an About tab in another app that has info about the about and the organization. This wouldn’t be an issue if I could configure the new About tab (or rename it).

Configuring, disabling, renaming this tab would be much appreciated. I see that Pro apps have a bit more access, but they still don’t seem to be able to customize the tab’s content.

We’ll make if configurable eventually.


Nice template! Haha
And great feature! Love this.

Beautiful! Now I can stop adding a “Send Feedback” section to my apps. I have a few clients that will love the hide Share feature.

Well done!


Hi. Thanks. At least translate it please. “Author, support, send feedback…” only in english now

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@JackVaughan can you tell where the Send feedback goes to. I have checked the Glide account gmail - it is not there. And I cannot find the info in the google sheets

I had tried and it went to my Gmail almost immediately. Did you check your spam?

@Jeff_Hager @JackVaughan Now understands that the user must supply an e-mail adress in order to send the feedback. This wasn’t clear at all. Glide should put in a hint text telling that an e-mail adress must be supplied. You don’t need to put in an adress if you are logged in.

Another GDPR challenge
Actually, glide has put in a functionality on a public app where they allow user to do emailing from within the app meaning that we need to take this into the consideration to be GDPR compliant. Where is the information stored - is it stored within Glide? On the road ahead Glide shouldn’t including new person data processing without telling the app developers about it - as we need to include the description in the privacy description.
Fellow gliders - what is your perspective on this?


Ahh, yes. I was signed in when I tested it.

@JackVaughan Send feedback functionality. I don’t really like it.


  • I like to control how I receive feedback from the user and to which e-mail address. All apps created in the same account will be sent to same gmail account.
  • as stated in this thread - there are challenges with GDPR - as I need to state where the information goes - and I don’t know what Glide does with the feedback information
  • unclear that the user needs to input an e-mail address (if the app is public)

@JackVaughan How do you get information in the Author field? I have already put author into the Settings/General page in the builder - and in the field Author. So how do you do it in order to get it to show up in the share/info screen?

My author didn’t show up until I changed it and changed it back. As for the feedback and the info screen in general, if you are running pro you could always hide the info tab and just build your own about and feedback functionality.

@Jeff_Hager Changing the author did the trick, thx :slight_smile:
I don’t think it should be needed to go pro in order to avoid the send feedback functionality - because of the GDPR challenge

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Great Feature. Thanks a lot

I saw this yesterday…Saves me from having to add an about tab! Great addition. Tx Glide team. :smiley:

GDPR challenge now behind us! we have it all on the welcome screen. EU law compliant!

@Wiz.Wazeer you are a little to quick :slight_smile: There is more to being GDPR compliance than having a T&C and privacy box to tick off. It is a good start - and needed - but you will need more. Including proof of the user has actually accepted. If you can’t document it then you havn’t got the consent as our law people say


We will take the law to the court :rofl:

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