"about" in hamburger menu

In some apps I have this “about” section I hamburger menue. In some new apps I don’t get it, I get only logout line. How can I get app info in this menue?

Settings → Sharing → Hide About screen

tnx a lot, I used it a while ago and forgot because it is completely not intuitive. What is the link between “sharing” and “information” or “about”?

What do you mean by the “link”?

The About tab is a native tab by Glide, which includes the app’s logo, name, author, app link and support form. The screenshot Darren sent is where you can disable this tab, on paid plans.

In the “Information / About” screen, the user can share the URL of the app and share it. This native screen is the only place in your app where users can share your app, thus “Sharing” in Settings.

In “share” section there is one “share” feature, I agree. But there is also “about” section with the info about app, which has nothing to do with sharing. So the menue point “Share” is not intuitive. What was the cost of having the menue point “Share&About” instead of just “Share”?

My point is the developers should take into account users’ needs: Noone would EXPECT “about” within share menue!

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I agree with you, it’s work in progress, every new iteration brings nice improvements.

This is low hanging fruit: it can be changed in 5 minutes.

Imagine having an orchard of apple trees. Hundreds of trees. Dozens of low-hanging, ripe apples per tree waiting to be picked. Dozens of still-ripe fallen apples at the foot of each tree. It must be hard to choose which apples to pick first, so many “5-minute quick fixes”.

Nice analogy! In our case, granpa is walking with the grandson in this orchard. The kid stays under the tree and says “I like this nice red apple, for me it is too high, but you, dear grandpa, you can easily reach it, because it is low hanging!”. Should the grandpa answer: “I must think, which apple do you really want, maybe this red one has an worm in it, should we walk around to find another one?”.

Just kidding, this request of mine doesn’t tackle the functionality, yust one word to be added in the label! :slight_smile:

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