"Share" option in "Settings"

In new Apps version there is no this feature> How do my users share the app?

You can just share the url, or create a button in your app that shares the url. If you click on the share button in the builder, there is a url and a QR code that you can use.

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Tnx! Sorry for not enough specific question of mine! Of course I know the app URL as well as invitation from Glide editor. My concern is sharing the app by endusers: in Classic there was “About” screen, where Author, URL and support link was displayed. IN new “Apps” version of Glide, there is no such feature.

In general, there are very nice features in new “Apps” version, but some useful features, such as “About” screen vanuisheeda without understandable reson. The very same applies for “Comments” component, which is no longer available in new “Apps” version of Glide.

I think there were some people that didn’t like the default About screen in Classic Apps because there was very little control over it’s design and placement.

You could very easily add a separate About tab, or add sharing information to the profile screen, so in many ways you have a lot more control now, because you can build an About screen any way you want and anywhere you want with the New Apps. In my opinion, I prefer having that extra control.

That’s the beauty of Glide. You can build what you want.

This has been rehashed over and over. Glide is still working on bringing features from Classic Apps over to Apps. Once they complete that, then they can work on a migration process to convert everything over to Apps as seemlessly as possible. It’s still a work in progress.

While some feature may not make it to Apps, I believe Comments is planned. It’s just a matter of when Glide gets around to creating it in Apps. It’s still early. It’s not like Apps is in it’s final version. It’s constantly evolving. They never took features away from Apps…they just haven’t built them yet.


Concerning sharing: About screen was optinal, it coud be hidden!
Control: of course, I can put app url into send email action under appropriate button, you are right!

But Glide is aimed for non programmers and they want to have most of the features (also) as a template at one click. Here I tend to suggest the “About” feature as it was in Classic, but customizable!

Concerning comments: This was very good out-of-the-shelf feature. Of course, one can develop his/her own comments functionality, I did it also for gaining more control. But many people are used to have it with one click and in new version it vanished, this is not good.

There is a general opinion that Glide should be more focused on building blocks and not more and more programming-like developments! These two approaches shouldn+t be in compettion, but moreover complementary. Cancelling building block feature and thus forcing developers in more customizing is IMHO not good direction.

I’m a programmer by trade, so I probably have differing opinions. Some of the things that are designed to make Glide “easy” are actually quite restrictive to me because I know what could be possible if I had more creative and technical freedom.

For example, IF logic in Glide is designed to be user friendly, but becomes much more complicated than actual code when trying to build complex nested IF statements. Another example is conditional relations. Something that should be trivial, but becomes very complicated to structure in glide, whereas a typical database SQL statement would be much easier to create. To each there own. There is a fine line between being easy to use, and being powerful and fully customizable. I have my complaints too, but I find alternatives to keep my project moving along.

But to that end, I don’t work for Glide, so I’m not the one to complain to. I can only recommend what is and what is not possible based on the currently available feature set.

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Hope Glide experts are reading that!
I am a system analyst/architect “by trade”, so I try to bring together users and programmers!

I worked long time in Austria, so I master to some extent German language, they have excellent saying for making this long story short:

“Genial einfach - einfach genial!”. If you are not familiar with German language, automatic translation is perfect!