Share app option is missing in Pro

The option to “Share App” in my Pro is no longer showing. In the regular Glide apps it is now located in the new “About” tab, but without the QR code.
Is there a way to get this back?

Hi :wave: just a suggestion but maybe hide the about feature? There is a tick box which disables it

You can also share content Glide Docs

I want to be able to let people easily share.

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Did you try turning it off to restore the previous share option you refer too?

The QR code is still there. Just open ‘About’ and tap on the little QR button.


You can always disable the About tab and create your own as well.


Thanks Jeff, I just figured out how to go to settings and allow the “About” tab to show in the Pro app. This works, :slightly_smiling_face: but is not as intuitive as the old “Share” tab. It’s going to take a lot more explaining to tell people how to share. :frowning_face:

but the feedback component is actually useful

Jill, you can make a Share button anywhere in your app using the Show Share Sheet action and a button.

You can also show a QR code anywhere you’d like in your app with the Image component.

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Thanks David, I will try these suggestions.