Let us edit the "About" page

Hello Glide-team,

please let us edit the “About” page.
I can see a “Pro-Feature” to hide it. But no option to edit the elements.

For instance, why can I add a description in the glide menu, but can’t see it on the “About” page?
Here in Germany it would be a good place to add the needed informations about legal relations like cookie policy, terms, privacy and so on.



Normally I’d say to go Pro, then you can hide the About tab and create your own version designed any way you want. I’m guessing Glide keeps it static so you can’t remove any Glide branding with a free app and encourage you to upgrade.

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For me it would be ok, when it is part of the Pro-Feature.
But at the moment I could hide the “About” page, but I couldn’t add a icon for it (the “i-icon” in the left corner). I would have to create a new normal tab.

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Got it. I’m used to always utilizing the side menu, so the About tab gets moved into there instead of the i icon.

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