Social posts via Glide apps

Dear all,

Is there a way to post on Facebook, Twitter or even Insta via Glide, using a API or something else?

The idea would be to have the app owner (which is not the app creator) pushing a post to one or several social networks.

Many thanks for your feedback or idea to test something!



@Christophe_HK, this is a great idea and I’d love to know if it is possible.

I think you’d have to use something like Zapier to accomplish this.

Yep, but only if it’s my own Facebook account, and the setup is outside Glide app. What I am looking for is a way to setup a Facebook post from Glide… À kind of push, even if the end user has to authenticate to Facebook to do so.

We can actual do this now already with one of 2 ways.
The easiest way is to create a button that when clicked opens the url you want to share. Example I have a button that when my app users click it it shares my app or website on their timeline. click below to see my button in action.

Just use a formula in google on your button column to append your url to“yoururlhere”.

The second way is more complex but doable, but you need to create a facebook developer account, have an official website and paste facebook api code in your website.

This way when they click the button you can submit more info such as images, details, etc.


for more details


Great, many thanks @Lighted_Candle !!

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Hey guys.
Did you end up figuring this one out? How to share to facebook or twitter?
I was just testing Zapier, but it will only share to my own twitter account, so I can’t set it up for customers.

For Twitter what you want is something like this:

I used to use this all the time to prepopulate tweets when hosting a twitter chat. When clicking the link that gets generated, users are prompted to sign into their accounts.

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A button with a show sharing sheet action should bring up the phones share sheet, so you can share the value from a selected column to any app on your phone.


thank you both @Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto!
I think Jeff’s option is the best for this case.

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Ah. Good idea Jeff.

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I tried but it does not work for facebook, unless if you share a URL… strange…
But it works fine for Instagram, twitter, linkedin, …

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