Posting content WITHIN app to social media site (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Is there a way to post specific content within the app (whether it’s displayed as a card or tile) out to social media channels with an image and text?

Use case:

  • We are creating a marketplace of buyers/sellers.

  • The sellers want to be able to promote their latest offering on their social channels.

  • Sellers know they can share the whole app and in their bios, the links to their personal social channels are set up, but they want to be more targeted*. Especially if the are selling multiple items, it’s going to be more engaging to post the latest specific image.*

  • The buyers want to share their purchases the social channels as well

  • Every time they post, they promote themselves and us as a their followers to attract them to the app.

I was thinking it maybe could be achieved as a Zapier trigger. I connect the two…but then got stuck.
Thanks in advance!

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So I imagine each post would go to a different social media account, is that correct?


I was thinking of the same concept, but I am always stuck on this one questin: How do manage the payments if they go to different sellers?

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Correct. Like people sharing a posts, articles, videos to their various social channels; and apps like Buffer let professionals publish to multiple channels. You’d:

  • select the item (tile/car/calendar event…)
  • select which channel to send to and
  • it picks up the associate image and text,
  • Allows the user to edit text esp., if they want to add hashtags and for length
  • Publish.

Can be used by Buyers (public) and Sellers.

Hmm I not sure the relation of payments and sending post post to social media. I see these as promotions/advertising and then if someone saw the post on social media and wanted to buy, they click on the post, come into (Glide app) and make the transaction.
I think the one thing you couldn’t track is the person coming from social channel into Glide.

But to your question on payments, we haven’t gone into testing mode on that yet, but am assuming there’ll be a product/ seller ID we can match orders to and then reimburse the Seller later. We’ll make it smoother and less manual as we learn buyer/seller behavior.

The one thing we are stuck on is letting Sellers create and preview their content (i.e. self-service mode) without having to come through us. But that’s probably a separate post!

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