Adding Twitter Feed to glide app

I’m going to start looking into adding a twitter feed directly into my glide app. If anyone has any thoughts or solutions, glad to hear!

Goal: Stream Twitter account or hashtag feed in glide app.
Challenge: code for embedded twitter feed in g spreadsheet, permissions conflict?

You can use Zapier to add Tweets to a Google Sheet, then display with Glide:


Thanks for tip. I wasn’t SUPER excited about using another extension but the process worked. I created a new worksheet and flooded it with data via Zapier; then on a glideapps added the “List Relation” component. A few layout customization and, Nailed it! :laughing:


Hate to even bring up this name… but what about Facebook posts to public or friends? If David says “can do”, I will bring so much business to Glide you will have to hire an army :smiley:

You can do this with Zapier today.