Can we embed tweets in the glide app?

I want to embed tweets in my glide app. Is it possible?

You can use a service like integromat to get the data from the tweet and put it into your sheet. Than you have to design your own view. But I am not sure if twitter is really happy about this.

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Webview works. I had a post about this same request over the summer. I had to host the Twitter embed html doc onto a platform like netlify.

I use Elfsight to embed IG feed and # search - it creates the embeddable code </> which I place on a funnel page and use the link to that page in Webview. Kind of wonky but it works great and the user can interact with it and see more of the feed or comment directly from Glide. They support the same with Twitter and also have some fun countdown timers, number counters, and other cool embeddable items. I like the ability to customize what I’m showing.


Could you use multiple feeds if managing multiple clients social media feeds?

You can use multiple source feeds and I believe multiple clients, but I have not tested that scenario yet. I don’t really work as an agency, although I do some things for other people. Having too much fun working on my own ideas :crazy_face:


I hear ya! Thanks for this! Cheers!

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Hello. I made a tutorial wich explains how to display tweets in glideapp
With this module : tweet archiver, webhooks are not used :slight_smile:
Display tweets in glideapps