Sharing Twitter and Pinterest

I try to share somthing from my app.

I have made an button with this settings:

When I choose Pinterest on my mobile phone. Pinterest could not extract the image from the page. Pinterest can only extract the app icon. The same on Twitter.

Can I add Meta-Tags or somthing to make this better?

Agree this should be handled better, but it’s not available as of now.

Hola @Jacktools_Net,

I made something similar using Zapier and the posting action.

I am able to post a comment or a picture on FB, IG and Twitter from my Glide app. I am sure I also saw Pinterest in there.

I hope this helps.

Does this work if a user want to share the content with his twitter account, for example?

I think zapier and/or integromat works only when I share with my own account’s

This is sad…

That’s right. It wouldn’t work with the user’s account.


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Ok. So the problem is that pinterest did not render the javascript code and only get the infos from the header.

Dam it.

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Would creating a webhook in glide to collect and send your Pinterest account username and the selected picture file…

…then Integromats HTTP module (Get a file) to render the file correctly…

…and then finally a post to [insert social media channel here] work? :thinking:

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First I would try to create a subdomain and make a php file wich create the rich pin.

The link to the subdomain should be easy with a template column or I have to encode the url when I create the data (I use integromat to fill the sheet already)

So for pinterest I have found a smooth solution:


I need two columns

  1. A Column where I can save the deeplink.
  2. A Template column to build the pinterest link.[url]&media=[media]&description=[description]


And a little custom Action for the floating button.





Well done!

Some share urls:


For most of the sites you need meta-tags in the header.
So the perfect solution would be:

  1. Set meta-tags per page. I think this is the easy part. So you can use Twitter cards and so on.
  2. Some sort of server side rendering for all the robots and crawlers (at least google, facebook, twitter and pinterest) out there (that opens my app with a deeplink) showing the app as not logged in user. Tricky part I guess.