Rating Components

Hai, i 'm very happy to use this

i suggest for feature request is Rating, like 1-5 Stars

i will wait for that update
thank you


Have you seen this? How to implement ⭐ ratings - Demo

I was also interested in getting a rating component. But today, I change my mind, for my own Glide usage.

The stars or like rating metrics are too much Facebook, and there’s no way to fight against Facebook popularity. There’s no interest for me to duplicate such a rating system, it would be “still another rating system”, and at the end : too many rating system kills the rating perception. Where’s the truth?!

My preferred way to manage “popularity” is the upvote system. It’s not about how many people like and how they like in average from 1 to 5, it’s most “how many people use or are interested in” . If they use, they like. No matter how.

So my opinion is that if we want a rating system to rate an app or a company, don’t waste our time, like on its Facebook page. And upvote for our app or company. That will show how many people make use of, instead of “X people like with an average note of Y”.

So… rating system has to be reinvented, for me. If it’s a Facebook-like system, no need. Too much deployed, it’s has-been and we won’t be able to overwrite the Facebook note.

It’s my morning thought about the rating system. Upvote if you like! :smile::smile:


This is doable in glide too…have an “upvote”button that adds 1 to the posts “value” column and then sort the list based on that column.

i’m sorry for not search first,

thank you for your information happy to learn that

Can you elaborate? The only option I can think of is to use a form button to submit a record, then do a count within the sheet. I see a Rollup column in staging that would help with this.

Precisely…form button that adds “points” to a points column to an assigned user submitted post (row) located within in a sheet. This sheet of posts would be sorted by points thereby creating a ranking system of upvoted posts.

Take a look at ab earlier concept I made here:

This example app is organized in tiles and not a list, but you can get the idea.


I feel like (regarding aesthetics and efficiency) the form button could be an inline choice component that says upvote or downvote that would then add/subtract 1 respectively.

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