Rate with stars

I create a list of videos in my app.
I’d like the users can be able to rate with stars these videos. The average rate could be seen by every one, and it would even change the way these videos are sorted.
Thanks a lot for your help.

You can check out this by George.

I saw it but did not really manage to apply.

I saw the “like” button. Is it possible to count the number of “like” and maybe sort the list ith that item?

Think it’s not available yet. Discussion is in this thread.

I’ve managed to set up a stars rate without using the new feature (blue stars and pizzas…)

  1. I’ve added a form button “rate me”
  2. screenshot form stars
  3. make an average of the rates on google sheet
  4. Use “if then” and “template” columns in DATA screenshot rate DATA
  5. Add "“rich text” with the rate

Hope this can be useful for you!

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Thank you! That looks neat.

Recently Robert posted a good workaround of this as well and I have been using it. You can have a look here.

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good video indeed, I got some tips.
but the “star and space” system seems a bit complex and not essential.
Here is my google sheet used for the choice, really simple!
isn’t it @Robert_Petitto?

It’s to get the filled star and unfilled star into place in each choice component. Yours, while getting the same result, can’t provide that visual.

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Exactly. A dropdown is MUCH simpler, but the UI is “meh”. My solution is more complicated but much prettier :wink: