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I am brand new on glide. I am building an application for a conference purpose. Talks, speakers information will be embedded in the app. I need to prepare a survey in order to prepare the conference rooms. Most popular talks will be organized in the biggest rooms, but I don’t know how to create votes. I have the list of talks and it would be great to have the possibility to add LIKES for instance reflecting the popularity of the topic.

Can you please help me to know if this is doable?


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I wrote a demo for doing star ratings. It’s more complex that just up, or for that matter down, voting something but it may give you a starting point. Basically you have to create a sheet that holds the votes and use a Form component to add those votes to that sheet. You can pass in as hidden values the unique name or ID of the topic, then you just need to sum up the votes. So take a look at the star ratings demo to see how that one is done.

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Take a look at my Experiments app > Voting tab to see if this the type of functionality you’d want.

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Thank you so much this is working great!


Thanks for your help. This was not really what I was searching for. Thanks anyway for the answer :wink:

Dear Robert, the link doesn’t work anymore but I am interested in your example. Any chance you can share the example again. Regards, Sjoerd

Probably because I spelled it wrong :roll_eyes:

Hey Robert, this is brilliant. Thanks for sharing. I tried to copy it but got this error…

Any work arounds?

Hm. Probably because that app is a legacy app and is unable to be copied anymore. Not sure. I should probably create a new version of this app. What functionality are you looking to create? Up vote and down vote?

Did you create your glide account using Google authentication? Just wondering if it doesn’t have an account linked to a google drive to place the google sheet.

Boom, that was it. :hugs:

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