Moving collection value to another collection based on user profile

Can someone please help me out with the flow to achieving this?
Thank you in advance.

I’m trying to do this:
I have a “jobs” table, and I want to credit “user” upon job completion.
The jobs table is on airtable, and user is on glide.

How do I create a button to:

  1. check if “completed” is checked, which is my trigger, then mark “credited” checked (true) column on “jobs”
  2. copy the amount on “credits” column on “jobs”, noting username
  3. add the copied amount to “credits” on “user” table, matching username

Sorry and thank you for your help in advance guys!

Is the “check” here done using a Glide action?

Thanks for responding!!!

Yes, it was from a button action “set column values”.


I am open to any ideas and recreate the app from scratch if need be.
Just need to find a flow to list jobs with a price offer, and a way to list all completed jobs by users, and sum them up to be paid. I’m not sure if it makes sense.

I am extremely new to Glide, so I am just trying what I can to achieve this.
Been trying all day, and nothing is working.

Thanks in advance!

Create a custom action. In it, the first action will be your set column action, and the second action will be an increment action to add the credit to the user profile row.


Oh that works! Thank you so much for your time!
I was afraid to try custom Actions, until now.

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Not sure why, but I’m sure you will love it. The ability to do many things in one click is one of the best things about Glide.


Indeed lol
Been having fun with actions.

Thanks again guys!


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