How do I trigger a custom action in Glide from the outside?

It turned out that the built-in Buy button doesn’t allow triggering custom actions upon successful checkout and I need to do a post-processing in the app. Basically what I need is to 1) invoke a checkout flow with Stripe on a button click and 2) execute a custom action defined in Glide to do the required postprocessing. I can do either 1 or 2, but not 1 followed by 2. There is no way to integrate checkout flow into a custom action and it seems there is no way to trigger a custom action from an outside.

What I’m thinking about is to use Open Link action to trigger Stripe checkout flow, set up an external web hook to listen for successful checkout (in Integromat or similar tool) and then trigger an action from that hook somehow. In my case it’s a) generating an unique purchase id in a user-specific column, b) adding a new record to purchases table, c) triggering a scenario in Integromat and d) displaying notification in the app.

I’m more or less confident that I’m not trying to do anything unique. Pretty much any purchase requires some postprocessing. How do you do this guys?

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I just wanted to add that the real issue here is to be able to change the value of user-specific columns in Glide from the outside. Everything else I can do by modifying an underlying Google sheet.

Hola @smartvlad

There’s no way to trigger an action from outside Glide at the moment. Also, user specific columns can only be manipulated from the cellphone is being used.

I hope this makes sense.